Bihar Board Matric Level Question 2022
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Bihar Board Matric Level Question 2022

Bihar Board Matric Level Question 2022

Matric Genral Competition

Matric Genral Knowledge

Matric Genral Competition


  • What color is at the top of the rainbow?
    A. orange
    B. green
    C. Yellow
    D. red
    Ans 😀


  • What energy does an electric motor convert electrical energy into?
    A. Magnetic
    B. Chemical
    C. Mechanical
    D. none of these
    Ans : C


  • Which of these is the major source of calcium to the human body?
    A. Potato
    B. Egg
    C. Meat
    D. Milk
    Ans: D.


  • Famous female player Marion Jones belongs to which nation?
    A. USA
    B. Canada
    C. UK
    D. France
    Ans : A

Matric Genral Competition

  • Which of these is called the public uncle?
    A. M G Ranade
    B.Bhau Daji Lad
    C. R G Bhandarkar
    D. Ganesh Vasudev Joshi
    Ans: D.


  • Which of the following is not a plantation crop?
    A. Tea
    B. Coffee
    C. Sugarcane
    D. rubber
    Ans : C


  • Where is the capital of Canada?
    A. Toronto
    B. Florida
    C. Ottawa
    D. none of these
    Ans : C


  • Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar? (2022)
    A. Nitish Kumar
    B. Lalu Yadav
    C. Jitan Ram Manjhi
    D. Rawadi Devi
    Ans : A

Matric Genral Competition

  • What is the minimum age limit to vote in India.
    A. 18
    B. 21
    C. 25
    D. 30
    Ans : A


  • Who was defeated by Argentina in the semi-finals of the FIFA Football World Cup 2014?
    A. Germany
    B. Brazil
    C. Netherland
    D. Belgium
    Ans : C


  • In which state of India is the manufacturing sector emerging as a major investment hub?
    A. Unified Andhra Pradesh
    B. Madhya Pradesh
    C. Gujarat
    D. Karnataka
    Ans : C


  • It is the largest tea producing state of India.
    A. Assam
    B. West Bengal
    C. Karnataka
    D. Kerala
    Ans : A

Matric Genral Competition

  • Who started the Mansabdari institution?
    A. Sher Shah Suri
    B. Jahangir
    C. Akbar
    D. Babur
    Ans : C


  • In what form is the death day of Rajiv Gandhi celebrated?
    A. National Integrity Day
    B. Secularism Day
    C. Martyrs Day
    D. Anti-Terrorism Day
    Ans 😀


  • The essential quality of inflation is religion.
    A. Absence of black marketing
    B. Presence of black marketing
    C. Rise of Values
    D. none of these
    Ans : C


  • It is the largest city of Madhya Pradesh.
    A. Indore
    B. Gwalior
    C. Jabalpur
    D. Raipur
    Ans : A

Matric Genral Knowledge 

  • National Highway – 1 and National Highway – 2 connect which cities?
    A. Amritsar-Kolkata
    B. Chennai-Kolkata
    C. Varanasi-Ahmedabad
    D. none of these
    Ans : A


  • Who among the following was not the leader of the Garam Dal?
    A. Lala Lajpat Rai
    B. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
    C. Bipin Chandra Pal
    D. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    Ans : B


  • Gujarat is a state located in the south.
    A. Karnataka
    B. Rajasthan
    C. Maharashtra
    D. Andhra Pradesh
    Ans : C

Matric Genral Knowledge 

  • In which district of Gujarat are the Khambhalida Buddhist caves found?
    A. Junagadh
    B. Rajkot
    C. Porbandar
    D. Amnagar
    Ans : B


  • Which of the following places is not related to steel production?
    A. Jamshedpur
    B. Bokaro
    C. Bhadravati
    D. Katni
    Ans 😀


  • Andaman and Nicobar is the capital of the Deep Group.
    A. Port Blair
    B. Diu
    C. Silvassa
    D. none of these
    Ans : A

Matric Genral Knowledge 

  • Junior was concerned.
    A. Chola Dynasty
    B. Kushan Dynasty
    C. Maurya Dynasty
    D. Gupta Dynasty
    Ans : B


  • Where do the acids in acid rain come from?
  • Ans: Due to the dissolution of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in rain water.

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