CBSE Board Inter Latest News 2022
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CBSE Board Inter Latest News 2022

CBSE Board Inter Latest News 2022

Central Board of Secondary Education

vviobjective genral competition

vvi question latest

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Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • Which of the following committees examined and suggested financial sector reforms in India?
    (A) Bhagwati Committee
    (B) Abid Hussain Committee
    (C) Narasimham Committee
    (D) Chellaiya Committee
    Ans : C


  • What are the aims of Liberalism, Privatization and Universalisation?
    (A) Economic planning
    (B) Socialist nature of society
    (C) Land Reforms
    (D) Economic Program
    Ans: D.


  • For whom is the face value of money more than its true value?
    (A) Bank currency
    (B) alternative currency
    (C). symbol currency
    (D) subsidiary currency
    Ans: C.


  • What is the symptom of price inflexibility?
    (A) Perfectly Competitive Competition
    (B) Monopoly
    (C) Oligopoly
    (D) monopolistic competition
    Ans : C

Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • What does fascism believe in?
    (A) dignity of the individual
    (B) Publicity
    (C) Socialism
    (D) Shakti
    Ans: D.


  • Which of the following gas is produced during the formation of photochemical smog fog?
    (A) Hydrocarbons
    (B) Nitrogen oxide
    (C) ozone
    (D) Methane
    Ans : C


  • Which of the following statement is not correct?
    (A) The velocity of sound in air increases with increase in temperature
    (B) velocity of sound in air does not depend on pressure
    (C) The velocity of sound in air decreases with increase in humidity
    (D) The velocity of sound in air is not affected by the change of shape and size
    Ans : C

Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • “If the Fundamental Rights of any person are infringed, he may propose to the Supreme Court by appropriate procedures for their enforcement.” it provides Who’s in
    (A) Right to Equality
    (B) Right to Constitutional Remedies
    (C) Right against exploitation
    (D) Right to Freedom of Religion
    Ans : B


  • Indian constitution divided into how many chapters
    Has been done ?
    (A) 16 chapters
    (B) 24 chapters
    (C) 25 Chapters
    (D) Chapter 22
    Ans: D.


  • Establishment of Supreme Court in Calcutta
    In which year did it happen?
    (A) 1771 AD
    (B) 1774 AD
    (C) 1775 AD
    (D) none of these
    Ans : B


  • The earliest extant Buddhist stupas come from here
    (A) Sanchi
    (B) Sarnath
    (C) Bodh Gaya
    (D) Amravati
    Ans : A

Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • Congress as moderate and extremist
    divided into-
    (A) in 1906
    (B) in 1905
    (C) in 1907
    (D) in 1908
    Ans : C


  • Who was the first to see the ruins of Harappa?
    Got attention?
    (A) Charles Mason
    (B) Dr. Sawhney
    (C) M. Wheeler
    (D) M. S. Child
    Ans : A


  • Which of the following countries does not flow?
    (A) China
    (B) Malaysia
    (C) Cambodia
    (D) Laos
    Ans : B

Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • The unitary principle of sovereignty by
    has been submitted ?
    (A) Aristotle
    (B) body
    (C) Austin
    (D) none of these
    Ans : C


  • Despite being located at a lower latitude than Amritsar, Shimla is cooler because-
    (A) Shimla receives a lot of snow
    (B) air pressure is high in Shimla
    (C) it is at high altitude
    (D) Shimla receives heavy rainfall
    Ans : C


  • Frontier roads are constructed only for the purpose of maintaining-
    (A) Trade bond with neighboring countries
    (B) Tourism
    (C) Security of the country
    (D) Religious bond with other countries
    Ans : C

Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • The author of ‘Philosophic ZoologyQ’ is-
    (A) Lamarck
    (B) Darwin
    (C) Aristotle
    (D) Morgan
    Ans : A
  • Which of the following is a local anesthetic as well as a stimulant?
    (A) Cocaine
    (B) Alcohol
    (D) Quinine
    Ans : A
  • Another name for phloem is-
    (C) Heroine
    (A) Wood
    (B) Clearid
    (C) fiber
    (D) Bast
    Ans: D.

Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • Wheat triticum stivum is a common bread.
    (A) quadrilateral
    (B) Hexagon
    (C) haploid
    (D) diploid
    Ans : B


  • Which is the branch of biology that deals with extinct organisms?
    (A) Paranology
    (C) Palaeobotany
    (B) caste
    (D) Paleontology
    Ans: D.


  • The first postage stamp was issued at :
    (A) Varanasi
    (B) Karachi
    (C) Allahabad
    (D) Mumbai
    Ans : B

Vviobjective Genral Competition

  • The shortest distance of distinct vision is-
    (A) 35 cm.
    (B) 25 cm.
    (C) 45 cm.
    (D) 15 cm.
    Ans : B


  • What is the energy of the electron emitted in photoelectric emission?
    (A) same as that of the incident photon
    (B) more than the energy of the incident photon
    (C) less than the energy of the incident photon
    (D) proportional to the intensity of the incident light
    Ans : C

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