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CBSE Class 10th Latest News Question Paper

CBSE Class 10th Latest News

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Cbse Genral Objective

VVI Objective

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VVI Objective

  • Rs 740 was divided among A, B and C in the ratio 3 2 5 . What is the share of B?
    (A) Rs 200
    (B) Rs 300
    (C) Rs 240
    (D) Rs 120
    Ans : B


  • 8 men working 10 hours a day can complete a work in 15 days. In how many days can 10 men working 10 hours a day complete the work?
    (A) 12 days
    (B) 10 days
    (C) 16 days
    (D) 120 days
    Ans : A


  • Car A covers a certain distance at a certain speed. If car B covers half the distance in twice the time, then what is the ratio of speed of car A to that of car B?
    (B) 2:1
    (A) 4:1
    (C) 1 :
    (D) 1:2
    ANS : A


  • A boat takes half the time upstream to cover a certain distance downstream. What is the ratio of the speed of the boat and the current in still water?
    (B) 3 : 1
    (A) 2:1
    (C) 4:1
    ANS : B


  • At what percentage (per annum) of simple interest will a sum of money double in 5 years?
    (A) 5%
    (B) 10%
    (D) 25%
    (C) 20%
    ANS : C

VVI Objective

  • The base of a parallelogram is twice its height. The area of ​​a parallelogram is 72 cm2. What is the height of the parallelogram?
    (A) 4 cm
    (B) 6 cm
    (C) 8 cm
    (D) 12 cm
    ANS : B


  • Which article of the constitution deals with the creation of a new state by separation from a state or by the amalgamation of two or more states or their parts?
    (A) Article 5
    (B) Article 4
    (D) Article 3
    (C) Article 2
    ANS : D.


  • In which session of the Indian National Congress did Subhash Chandra Bose part his way from Gandhiji?
    (A) Surat
    (C) Haripura
    (B) Tripuri
    (D) Calcutta
    ANS : B


  • If BUS is coded as 513, COW is coded as 429, PIT is coded as 687, then what will be the code for CUP?
    (A) 416
    (B) 612
    (C) 456
    (D) 937
    ANS : A


  • ‘Chair : Wood’ is similar to-:
    (A) Book Printing
    (B) Wardrobe : Steel
    (C) Wallet amount
    (D) plate food
    Ans : B


  • Which of the following is odd?
    (A) Ringmaster Circus
    (B) Captain : Ship
    (C) pilot
    (D) Headmaster School
    Ans : A

VVI Objective

  • A month of 31 days starts from Monday. Second Saturday and all Sundays are holidays. How many working days are there in the month?
    (A) 25
    (B) 26
    (C) 27
    (D) 24
    ANS : A


  • Fill in the blanks- 1, 2, 10, 37, 101,
    (A) 225
    (B) 125
    (C) 226
    (D) 165
    Ans : C


  • Fill in the blanks-
    AZ, BY, CX,
    (A) ZW
    (B) DW
    (C) DV
    (D) DU
    Ans : B


  • What number will come in place of ?
    8, 10, 17, ?, 10, 11, 8
    (A) 8
    (B) 14
    (C) 15
    (D) 16
    Ans : B


  • A, B, P, Q, Y and Z are 6 persons. Z is the father of Q. AY’s daughter. Y is the son of Z. PY’s son. B is brother of P. Which of the following is correct ?
    (A) B and Y are brothers
    (B) A is sister of B
    (C) Z is the uncle of B
    (D) Z is the father of A
    Ans : B

VVI Objective

  • The third Tuesday in a month of 28 days is on the 16th. What day is the last day of the month?
    (A) Sunday
    (B) Monday
    (C) Tuesday
    (D) Saturday
    Ans : A


  • If ‘P’ means +, ‘Q’ means x, ‘R’ means + and ‘S’ means –
    (A) 6
    (B) 22.5
    (C) 24
    (D) – 12
    Ans : A


  • Arrange the following words in a logical, meaningful order:
    1. Frog, 2. Garuda, 3. Grasshopper, 4. Snake, 5. Grass
    (A) 51342
    (B) 53142
    (C) 51324
    (D) 31542
    Ans : B

VVI Objective

  • In the treatment of eyes with ‘myopia’ is used-
    (A) convex lens
    (B) concave lens
    (C) concave lens
    (D) plain glass
    Ans : B


  • What is MS Office?
    (A) Software for desktop application
    (B) Operating System
    (C) Headquarters of Microsoft
    (D) Nickname of Bill Gates
    Ans : B


  • Which Sikh Guru initially built the Golden Temple of Amritsar?
    (A) Guru Nanak Dev
    (B) Guru Ram Das
    (C) Guru Arjun Dev
    (D) Guru Gobind Singh
    Ans : C


  • Intelligence organization? MI-6 of which country
    (A) U.S.A.
    (B) Israel
    (D) India
    (C) U.K.
    Ans : C

VVI Objective

  • Sher Shah Suri introduced silver coins, whose name was-
    (A) money
    (C) seal
    (B) price
    (D) Rupee
    Ans: D.


  • How many states are there in India?
    (A) 28
    (B) 29
    (C) 30
    (D) 27
    Ans : B


  • The FIFA Football World Cup for the year 2018 will be held in-
    (A) in England
    (B) U. s. A. in
    (C) Russia
    (D) Japan
    Ans : A


  • Which metro railway has been given the status of railway zone in Indian Railways?
    (A) Delhi Metro
    (B) Kolkata Metro
    (C) Namma Metro
    (D) Mumbai Suburban Train Services
    Ans : B

VVI Objective

  • India conducted its first nuclear explosion test in-
    (A) in 1999 AD
    (B) in 1998 AD
    (C) in 1991 AD
    (D) 1974 AD
    Ans: D.


  • What type of chemical reaction is photosynthesis?
    (A) endotherm
    (B) exothermic
    (C) temperature neutral
    (D) radio active


  • What is the frequency range of audible sound waves?
    (A) 20Hz 200 Hz
    (B) 20Hz 2000 Hz
    (C) 20Hz 20000 Hz
    (D) 200 Hz 2000 Hz
    Ans : C


  • Which river is also known as ‘Dakshin Ganga’?
    (B) Tungabhadra
    (A) Krishna
    (C) Periyar
    (D) Godavari
    Ans: D.

VVI Objective

  • You. s. Who won the Open Women’s Singles Tennis Championship?
    (A) Serena Williams
    (B) Maria Sharapova
    (C) Caroline Wozniacki
    (D) Anna Ivanovic
    Ans : A


  • The only President of India who was elected unopposed was-
    (A) Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
    (B) VV Giri
    (C) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
    (D) Giani Zail Singh
    Ans : A


  • Why are clear nights cooler than cloudy nights?
    (A) Refraction
    (B) Radiation
    (C) Chandni
    (D) reflection of sunlight by the surface of the Moon
    Ans : B


  • Which type of soil covers maximum area of ​​total land of India?
    (A) laterite
    (B) Black
    (C) alluvial
    (D) mountain soil
    Ans : C

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