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Genral Competition Latest Question 2022

Genral Competition Latest Question 2022

Genral Competition Latest Objective Question 2022

VVI Objective 2022


VVI Objective 2022

  • Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world?
    A. India
    B. Bangladesh
    C. Pakistan
    D. Nepal
    Ans : A
  • Which of these lines passes through India?
    A. Tropic of Cancer
    B. Tropic of Capricorn
    C. Adi Lines
    D. Equator
    Ans : A
  • Who wrote Aai Akbari?
    A. Akbar
    B. Todermal
    C. Tansen
    D. Abul Fazl
    Ans 😀
  • Name the chemical used to test the presence of CO2 in the expiratory.
    A. lemon juice
    B. Lemonade
    C. Limestone
    D. extinguished chosen
    Ans 😀
  • Which of the following is not a prestigious language?
    A. Tamil
    B. Telugu
    C. Malayalam
    D. Hindi
    Ans : C

VVI Objective 2022 Question

  • Which of the following is a prime number?
    A. 9
    B. 4
    C. 2
    D. 8
    Ans : C
  • Which country is the largest consumer of gold?
    A. India
    B. USA
    C. UAE
    D. South Africa
    Ans : A
  • Most of the edible oil is produced in India.
    A. Groundnut
    B. Sunflower
    C. Mustard
    D. Mole
    Ans : B
  • State the odd one out of these.
    A. Hindu
    B. Times of India
    C. Outlook
    D. Indian Express
    Ams : C
  • Which of the following was not a Varna of ancient Indian society?
    A. Shudra
    B. Vaishya
    C. Kshatriya
    D. Global
    Ans 😀

VVI Objective 2022 Objective

  • The property of the metal to be cast into the wire is called.
    A. convulsions
    B. tensile
    C. Density
    D.Tensile strength
    Ans : B
  • What is the mainstay of Indian economy.
    A. Construction
    B. Business
    C. Public Undertakings
    D. Agriculture
    Ans 😀
  • Where did India get its name from?
    A. Hind
    B. Arya
    C. Vedas
    D. Indus River
    Ans : B
  • The function of the kidney in humans is
    A. digester
    B. Circulation
    C. Sensitive
    D. emissions
    Ans 😀
  • What was Robin Williams?
    A. author
    B. Artist
    C. Philosopher
    D. bishop
    Ans : B

VVI Objective 2022 Objective Answer

  • The fastest living member of the animal world.
    A. Cheetah
    B. Lion
    C. fox
    D. Delhi
    Ans : A
  • Who was the founder of Peshwa Empire?
    A. Balaji Vishwanath
    B.Balaji Bajirao
    C. Madhavrao
    D. none of these
    Ans : A
  • The word ACID is derived from the Latin word ACERE which means.
    A. sweet
    B. indifferent
    C. salty
    D. sour
    ANS 😀
  • Who was given the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in the year 2014?
    A. AR Rahman
    B. Gulzar
    C. Karan Johar
    D. Salman Khan
    Ans : B
  • They were crucified during the reign of Jesus Christ.
    A. Greek
    B. Roman
    C. Arab
    D. Parsi
    Ans : A

VVI Objective 2022 Objective Answers

  • Which country is called the country of midnight sun?
    A. Pakistan
    B. India
    C. Norwegian
    D. Malaysia
    Ans : C
  • What’s the deal with Xbox?
    A. Satellite
    B. Airplane
    C. Helicopter
    D. Video Games
    Ans 😀
  • Gold is called an ideal metal because it is.
    A. Valuable
    B. rare
    C. unresponsive
    D. radioactive
    Ans : C
  • Which gas is used to disinfect the water in the swimming pool?
    A. Hydrogen
    B. Nitrogen
    C. chlorine
    D. Oxygen
    Ans : C
  • is the largest negative number.
    A. -1
    B. -1000
    C. -10000
    D. -100000
    Ans 😀

VVI Objective 2022 Question Answer

  • Combustion is a chemical process in which fuels are used.
    A. Oxidized
    B. reduced
    C. Mixed
    D. nitrified
    Ans : A
  • Heat is the unit of energy.
    A. Kilogram
    B. Meter
    C. joules
    D. degree
    Ans : C
  • In which month Ravi crop is sown?
    A. March
    B. June
    C. September
    D. November
    Ans : C
  • Which of the following is the unit of frequency?
    A. ampere
    B. joules
    C. Hertz
    D. Newton
    Ans : C
  • obtained from Long.
    A. flower bud
    B. Root
    C. Stem
    D. Husbands
    Ans : A

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