SSC MTS Question Answer Key 2022
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SSC MTS Question Answer Key 2022

SSC MTS Question Answer Key 2022

Ssc Mts Answer Key Pdf

Ssc Mts Tier 2 Answer Sheet

ssc mts question answer key 2022 pdf

Ssc Mts Answer Key Pdf


  • Who gave voice for the evergreen revolution in India?
    A. APJ Abdul Kalam
    B. Anil Kakodkar
    C. MS Swaminathan
    D. MS Ahluwalia
    Ans : C


  • When was the capital of British India shifted from Kolkata to Delhi?
    A. in 1905
    B. in 1960
    C. in 1920
    D. in 1911
    Ans: D.


  • Taste is revealed by the taste buds at the far end of the tongue.
    A. sour
    B. bitter
    C. salty
    D. sweet
    Ans: D.


  • Which of these sports individual is called Payyoli Express?
    A. Anju George
    B. K M Binamol
    C. PT Usha
    D. Shiny Abraham
    Ans : C


  • Where is the birth place of Vardhman Mahavir?
    A. Kundalgram
    B. Pava
    C. Pavapuri
    D. Rajgir
    Ans : A

Ssc Mts Answer Key Pdf

  • Of these, oil is not famous for finishing components.
    A. Mumbai High
    B. Barauni
    C. Koyli
    D. Koderma
    Ans: D.


  • Which halogens have the largest atomic size?
    A. Iodine
    B. chlorine
    C. Bromine
    D. fluorine
    Ans : A


  • National Center for Organic Agriculture Where is the National Center of Organic Farming located?
    A. Ghaziabad
    B. Hyderabad
    C. Bhagalpur
    D. Visakhapatnam
    Ans : A


  • Satyashodhak was the founder of the society.
    A. M G Ranade
    B. Lokmanya Tilak
    C. Maharishi B R Shinde
    D. Mahatma Phule
    Ans: D.


  • What is the frequency of alternating current in India?
    A. 50
    B. 60
    C. 75
    D. 100
    Ans : A

Ssc Mts Answer Key Pdf

  • Who started the reform newspaper?
    A. M G Ranade
    B. Gopal Ji Agarkar
    C. Pandita Ramabai
    D. none of these
    Ans : B


  • In which state is the Gir Forest Sanctuary located?
    A. Karnataka
    B. Kerala
    C. Gujarat
    D. Rajasthan
    Ans : C


  • Where is Sheesh Mahal located?
    A. Delhi
    B. Lucknow
    C. Udaipur
    D. Agra
    Ans: D.


  • Surat is situated on the banks of which river?
    A. Tapti
    B. Narmada
    C. Mahi
    D. Luni
    Ans : A


  • Approximately how much cm° of rain is required for the crop of jowar.
    A. 60
    B. 120
    C. 105
    D. 110
    Ans : A

Ssc Mts Answer Key Pdf

  • Which place is famous for sugar industry?
    A. Cochin
    B. Champaran
    C. Bokaro
    D. Salem
    Ans : B


  • What is the Kyoto Protocol related to?
    A. Environmental protection
    B. Engine Designing
    C. Computer Programming
    D. none of these
    Ans : A


  • Harisena was the poet and minister of whose court.
    A. Akbar
    C. Chandragupta Maurya
    D. Harsh Vardhan
    Ans : B


  • Where is Shivalik Elephant Reserve?
    A. Himachal Pradesh
    B. Uttarakhand
    C. Karnataka
    D. Orissa
    Ans : B


  • What is Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh famous for?
    A. Woolen clothes
    B. bangle factory
    C. silk
    D. Clothing
    Ans : B

Ssc Mts Tier 2 Answer Sheet

  • Where are Bushman Aborigines found?
    A. Atacama Desert
    B. Gobi desert
    C. Patagonia Desert
    D. Kalahari Desert
    Ans: D.


  • Who laid the foundation of the Republican Party in India?
    A. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
    B. M. A. free
    C. S. A. Dange
    D. B. Yes. Tilak
    Ans : A


  • Which of the following is not appointed by the President of India?
    A. Chief of Air Force
    B. Chief of Army Staff
    C. Speaker of Lok Sabha
    D. Chief Justice of India
    Ans : C


  • Who got the Nobel Prize for the book Gitanjali?
    A. Sarojini Naidu
    B. Yogi Arvind
    C. Rabindra Nath Tagore
    D. Pandit Nehru
    Ans : C

Ssc Mts Tier 2 Answer Sheet

  • Which of the following is not a major coal producing country?
    A. Chin
    B. USA
    C. India
    D. Mexico
    Ans: D.


  • Pulakeshin-II was the king of which state dynasty?
    A. Yadav
    B. Maurya
    C. Chalukya
    D. Pandavas
    Ans : C


  • Megasthenes was the Greek ambassador to whose court?
    A. Ashok
    B. Bindusara
    C. Harsh
    D. Chandragupta Maurya
    Ans: D.


  • In which state is the Tata Hydroelectric Project?
    A. Karnataka
    B. Kerala
    C. Assam
    D. Maharashtra
    Ans: D.

Ssc Mts Tier 2 Answer Sheet

  • Vinas Williams is associated with which sport?
    A. Lawn Tennis
    B. Badminton
    C. Running
    D. basketball
    Ans : A


  • In which country is the Atacama Desert located?
    A. USA
    B. China
    C. Africa
    D. Australia
    Ans : B

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