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VVI Genral Knowledge Objective 2022 in English

VVI Genral Knowledge Objective 2022

VVI Genral Question Answer Key 2022

VVI Objective 2022

VVI Objective 2022

  • The number of protons or electrons in an atom of an element is called.
    A. atomic number
    B. mass number
    C. Thomson number
    D. isotopes
    Ans : A


  • What are the characteristics of first generation computers?
    A. Integrated Circuits
    B. Vacuum Tube
    C. Transistor
    D. optical fiber
    Ans : B


  • This is when the indicator on the computer monitor takes the shape of a hand.
    A. on grammar error
    B. on hyperlink
    C. On screen tip
    D. on spelling error
    Ans : B

VVI Objective 2022

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  • Printer and monitor are examples of
    A. Software
    B. Data
    C. Information
    D. Hardware
    Ans : C


  • If the brother of the son of Y’s son is X, then how is X related to Y.
    A. Brother
    B. cousin
    C. grandson
    D. son
    Ans : C


  • If 1st october is sunday then what day will be 1st november
    A. Monday
    B. Tuesday
    C. Wednesday
    D. Thursday
    Ans : C


  • The way market is related to demand, in the same way agriculture is related to.
    A. Farmer
    B. Cereals
    C. Supply
    D. Monsoon
    Ans : B

VVI Objective 2022

  • Atom is related to Anu in the same way as cell is related to.
    A. substance
    B. nucleus
    C. creatures
    D. Battery
    Ans : C


  • Choose the odd one out of the options given below in how three is even while the fourth day is odd.
    A. Tiger
    B. Dolphin
    C. Zebra
    D. Crocodile
    Ans 😀


  • The chemical name of vitamin A is
    A. Thiamine
    B. Retinol
    C. Niacin
    D. Riboflavin
    Ans : B


  • Find the odd one which does not belong to the group.
    A. Swimming
    B. Diving
    C. Driving
    D. Boating
    Ans : C

VVI Objective 2022

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  • Find the odd one which does not belong to the group.
    A. gallon
    B. Ton
    C. quintal
    D. kilograms
    Ans : A


  • How many meaningful English words can be made from the letters AER using each letter only once in each word.
    A. none
    B. a
    C. two
    D. three
    Ans : C


  • How many digits are required to write the page number of a book of 366 pages?
    A. 732
    B. 990
    C. 1098
    D. 1305
    Ans : B

VVI Genral Question Answer Key 2022

  • From a number, 40% of that number is subtracted, then the answer is 30, that number is.
    A. 28
    B. 50
    C. 52
    D. 70
    Ans : B


  • A train travels at a speed of 108 kilometers per hour, what will be its speed in meters per second?
    A. 10.8
    B. 18
    C. 30
    D. 38.8
    Ans : C


  • Who became famous as Grand Old Man of India?
    A. Justin Ranade
    B. Mahatma Gandhi
    C. Rabindra Nath Tagore
    D. Dadabhai Naoroji
    Ans 😀

VVI Genral Question Answer Key 2022

  • Where did Swami Vivekananda attend the World Parliament of Religions?
    A. Chicago
    B. New York
    C. Washington
    D. Alaska
    Ans 😀


  • Quit India Movement was started in which year?
    A. 1920 AD
    B. 1922 AD
    C. 1941 AD
    D. 1942 AD
    Ans 😀

VVI Genral Question Answer Key 2022

  • Who was the first Viceroy of India?
    A. Lord Dalhousie
    B. Lord Canning
    C. Warren Hastings
    D. Robert Clive
    Ans : B


  • Where are railway passenger coaches manufactured?
    A. Varanasi
    B. Chittaranjan
    C. Perambur
    D. Kolkata
    Ans : C


  • Who administers the oath of office to the Chief Justice of India?
    A. President
    B. Prime Minister
    C. Law Minister
    D. Vice President
    Ans : A

VVI Genral Question Answer Key 2022

  • Which is the national sport of India?
    A. Kabaddi
    B. Badminton
    C. Hockey
    D. Cricket
    Ans : C


  • Where is Amer Fort situated?
    A. Udaipur
    B. Jaipur
    C. Agra
    D. Gwalior
    Ans : B


  • In which city is Fatehpur Sikri located?
    A. Jaipur
    B. Jodhpur
    C. Udaipur
    D. Agra
    Ans 😀

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